Pebble Beach Development, Seaton

Pebble Beach Development, Seaton

Client: Confidential

Services: Cost Management


Gleave are delivering Cost Management for the landowner of a joint venture development of 222 residential units in the coastal town of Seaton, Devon.  The development, providing a mix of affordable housing units adjacent to a sustainable Tesco store, also cost managed by Gleave, has benefitted from marine aggregate dredging and extensive surcharging to raise the site out of the flood risk zone, Gleave and the design team secured the use of a trailing suction hoper dredger to reduce lorry movement by 60,000 and improve the construction programme by 6 months.

Our team have recently managed negotiations of operating development budgets with the contractor to provide our Client with a robust appraisal and maximise return on investment. We look forward to seeing the fourth phase of development continue throughout 2018.


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